Monday, July 28, 2014


Huge storage facility in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Actually, it's probably technically in Vinegar Hill, but I drew it sitting in DUMBO.

I work down in DUMBO fairly often, and I've seen this building countless times over the years and thought about drawing it. This often happens; a building or scene will strike me and stick in my head, but it may be months or even years before I actually get around to drawing it.

In the case of this building, I had always thought that that big diagonal chute was part of the storage building. But when I sat to draw it, I realized it was attached to a separate structure, behind the storage building. What I didn't realize, though, even after drawing it, was the nature of the smokestack. I had assumed it was on top of the storage building, but when I looked at the site on Google Maps to pinpoint the location, I discovered that it is in fact a third structure, also behind Tuck-It-Away, and even more enormous than I'd thought. The single perspective from which I'd been viewing these structures all this time had been completely misleading.