Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Beach Day!

The snow storm that was supposed to be 4"-8" turned out to be the second biggest snowstorm in NYC history, dumping almost two feet on us. So while everyone digs out, I post this sketch from August. Robert Moses Beach.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ziggy Moustache

I saw David Bowie once. Not in concert, but in real life.

I was the facilities manager at a theater downtown. We had a group renting the theater for a children’s show. One afternoon, I was in the lobby as the audience let out. One family stood out because the mother was a very tall African woman. I looked at her and thought, “Is that Iman?” I looked at the father. He had this enormous moustache. As he passed closer, I looked at the upper half of his face. Sure enough, it was The Man Who Fell To Earth himself.

I have no idea why they brought their daughter to that show. It didn’t have much press or buzz or anything, and I remember it seeming like a particularly un-fun and un-appealing children’s show. I have never seen a picture of David Bowie with a giant moustache, so it seemed to me that it was a disguise. It made me laugh to think that he would put on this huge, fake, ostentatious moustache in order to protect his anonymity, so he could walk the streets of New York with his giant, famous supermodel wife.

RIP David Bowie