Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Best Hot Water in NYC

I finally got back to a figure drawing session the other day. I have drawn this model before. He's an older man who whispers to himself while he poses. I've always wondered what he's saying, if he's praying or reciting poetry or saying a mantra or what.

Also, in the middle of the drawing sessions, there is a break and he always asks someone to get him something. This time, I got put on the spot since I was just putting on my coat as he asked. So I said, "Sure, what do you want?" He handed my a paper cup with two tea bags in it and said, "I would like to make more tea, so I need more hot water. Not more tea bags, just hot water. But there is one thing . . . This is very important! There is a store on the corner, that sells magazines. There is a coffee machine on the side, and you can get hot water from the red tap on top. That is the only place I want the hot water from! Here is a quarter."

So there's a tip for you. If you're looking for the finest hot water in New York City, go to the magazine store on the corner of Spring and Lafayette.

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