Thursday, July 14, 2016

Who You Gonna Call?

I started this sketch of Hook & Ladder 8 two years ago, when I was doing a series on NY firehouses.

You may recognize this one, as exterior shots of the firehouse were used in Ghostbusters.There's a remake of that movie that opens today, which is what reminded me of this sketch and prompted me to finish it in color.

A segment of the Internet Nerd Court has already passed judgment on the new movie, even though only critics have seen it (and their consensus is that it's pretty good). Various reasons have been given as to why it's bad, why it is, in fact, ruining childhoods. But the real reason is that in the new version, all the Ghostbusters are women. I think all those women are really funny, and the movie looks pretty funny to me, so I hope to see it, if the twins allow me the time to go.

As it happens, last year I saw them filming it in Midtown. I didn't see the cast, but I saw the Ecto-Mobile, and I saw Leslie Jones' stunt double. I couldn't believe that there's an African-American stuntwoman of Leslie Jones' size! I wonder how much work she gets?

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