Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello, Internet!

 I've been drawing all my life, majored in visual arts in college, and by now have stacks and stacks of sketchbooks from life drawing classes, sketching excursions, and plain old doodling around, and they just sit there. I've been thinking about putting some of my artwork online for awhile now, and recently a variety of things have given me the kick in the ass to go ahead and do it. So here it is.


One of those reasons was that in a week, I'll be selling some of my mini-comics at the MOCCA Art Festival. I did this for the first time last year with no expectations. I received a few online reviews, which was way more than I'd expected, and they were positive, but one gave me a lot of shit for not having a website of my work.


Also, I follow this guy Ta-Nehisi Coates's blog on the Atlantic, and everyday he has an Open Thread where people can discuss anything. Last week, this guy Andy posted about committing to blog every day in April, and when I mentioned I'd been thinking of starting a sketchblog, he and some others encouraged me to do it. So, thanks, Andy. Here's his blog. I doubt I'll be posting every day, though.


 And now, to kick off my sketch blog, here's some sketches. These were done at Spring Street Studios and the Drink-n-Draw at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn. 


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