Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project CBRunway

I see from my statcounter that I've been getting lots of visitors from the Secret Identity podcast. And they're probably all saying, "Uh, so where's the comics?"

Well, first of all, you can see a couple of my 24 Hour Comics, including the one that Brian mentioned having gotten last year, Crazy Lady, here. The two he reviewed aren't up there, at least not yet. I haven't updated that site in like forevers.

It seems like the Secret Identity podcasts are mostly about superhero and genre stuff, and I love that stuff, too. So here's some things I did for the online costume contest CBRunway at It's patterned after 'Project Runway,' but with comic book characters. I did it two times; the current contest is going on now. I didn't win, but made it to the finals once.

The challenge here was to take an Avenger, a specific make and model of automobile, and combine them into a Transformer. This is Thor + 1955 Ford Thunderbird.

Challenge: Steampunk version of a JLAer

Challenge: Elseworlds-style adaptation of a JLAer into a fairy tale. This is Aquaman a la Beauty & The Beast.

The Challenge: Create a super-villain based on a kitchen utensil. I was assigned a whisk. For some reason, this was perhaps the most popular character I ever had in that contest.

The Black Rose. Just some random character I made up for the audition. The CBR judges liked it, except for the guns. "No guns!!!" they all said. Because I guess no comic book characters carry guns these days.

And this following bunch of a team I came up with for the final challenge. It was a Japanese-based team; the challenge specified one had to be a super-patriot-type character, and I wanted to stay away from the stereotypical Captain America-type trap, so I made the lead character a Captain Japan-type of guy and the rest followed. I'd been reading a bit of manga at the time, including Urasawa and Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. In my head, I had a whole backstory and storyarc laid out for the team. I never was happy with that final character design. Japanese goth-lolita costuming is surprisingly hard to get the gist of!

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