Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Society of Illustrators Sketch Night

Last night I went to the sketch night at The Society of Illustrators. I've known about the Society and its sketch nights for awhile, but after fifteen years in this city, I only first made it up there a few weeks ago to see the R. Crumb exhibit. The museum is great for people who are into classical illustrative art. Like me.

I had a good time. There's a bunch of places to do figure drawing in New York. My most frequent haunt is Spring Street Studio. They have great models and it's a good atmosphere, but it is serious. Dead silence and strictly timed. There are a few other places that are a lot looser, hipper, with loud music and sometimes booze. Some of them are as much a social event as a drawing session. I like music and booze, but sometimes it's hard to concentrate on the work in such an environment.

This sketch night was a good balance. It reminded me of Spring Street in that there was a mix of younger and older people, and you could tell the older people were really seasoned art vets. People were serious about working; they were there to draw. But then there was a live jazz duo, and there's a full bar, so there's also a relaxed, social atmosphere. It was fun.

Quick, two minute sketches:

Longer poses:

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